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In 2023, on its 30th anniversary, Polet adopted the GoGreen agenda formed in two directions:

  • Polet will support the recycling of old display screens and provide customers with a discount for the option of purchasing new devices by trading in their old ones. Additionally, free recycling will be offered to all third-party users. In the course of its development and design, Polet aims to give new life to as many components from old devices as possible, particularly in the creation of new lighting products. The focus of the GoGreen agenda is on reducing electricity consumption through the further development of PWS (Power Save) LED display screens, as well as the development of outdoor display screens with a solar-powered system.
  • The second part of this agenda will involve supporting events that promote people’s engagement with nature. Since the Polet development center is located in Zlatibor, the focus will be on supporting programs that encourage staying in Zlatibor and the Tornik Ski Center.

As part of this agenda, it is planned that by 2025, the production in Braneško polje will have been covered by energy from its own solar power plant for at least nine months. Furthermore, the production line in the new headquarters (administrative) building, which is currently in the design phase, will have zero emission of harmful gases and dirty water, ensuring complete energy independence.