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Polet Sport

In times when attendance at sports halls and stadiums is declining, digital communication with customers becomes essential. LED display screens provide a fresh atmosphere in stadiums and sports halls, adding value to visitors and enabling the enhancement of their stadium experience in the stands by delivering customized content to viewers through television broadcasts or through live video messages.


External Scoreboards

Compared to traditional scoreboards, digital scoreboards have significant advantages: much faster and more reliable response to score changes, the ability to display video advertisements during game breaks, animated presentations of the club and players. External scoreboards enable the club to connect with their fans during moments when stadium attendance is declining and provide a fresh impetus for bringing the audience back to the stands due to a different match experience from the stands.

Polet has designed and delivered the majority of new screens in the Southeast European region. Our robust Polet Sport software with a control console can meet the demands of all sports.

The most common dimensions are 6 x 3.2, 5 x 3, and 8 x 4 meters.

Indoor Scoreboards

Indoor sports, especially basketball, volleyball, and water polo, are highly dynamic, making it considerably complex and challenging to present all game parameters effectively. In addition to displaying scores and remaining time in halves or quarters, our solutions also support countdown timers for attacks in basketball and water polo. Combined with a media cube (mentioned in the following section), they provide an unforgettable experience for fans attending the match, which is incomparable to the traditional game watching at home.

Scoreboards are designed in accordance with the size of the sports hall, a new installation and construction are carried out. With our Polet Sport software and control console, the main scoreboards and countdown timers are seamlessly controlled. The main scoreboard can display the player information upon scoring, rewind the attack at the moment of scoring, show game statistics, or feature video advertisements from sponsors during special moments in the match.

Media Cubes

Media cubes occupy a central position in sports halls, allowing fans to view match information at any given moment. They provide an incredible visual identity to the venue and directly connect the sponsor with a fan.

Media cubes are directly connected to the scoreboard and results using Polet LED software. They enable the display of scores, sponsor advertisements, specific moments from the match, or playback of the last attack, creating a unique live match viewing experience.

Dimensions: 6 x 2.4 meters + 0.4 x 2.4 meters.

Perimeter and Banner LED Display Screens

Perimeter LED displays are placed alongside the field and display sponsor advertisements. They are the norm for basketball, football, and volleyball matches, allowing clubs to monetize game broadcasts through sponsor advertising. They are designed for live broadcasts and are always positioned on the opposite side of the camera. The standard dimensions for football matches are 24 meters, and for basketball matches, they are 42 meters. These are mobile rental screens that can be moved from one location to another.

The difference between perimeter and banner displays is that banners are fixed and typically have a width of 1 meter. They can be positioned anywhere inside the sports hall or football field. In addition to displaying sponsor advertisements and connecting fans with sponsors, their role is to create an atmosphere during the match by conveying messages such as a goal or basket scored, the name of the scorer, team or country colors, or other visual messages.

Polet’s screens cover some of the largest clubs in the region, and they are also used by national teams in the region.

Dimensions: 6 x 2.4 meters + 0.4 x 2.4 meters.