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Digital Signage and Commercial

Digital signage is intended for those industries and brands that recognize the value of digital communication of their company with existing and new customers and suppliers, and who wish to greatly increase the value of their brand and corporate culture.

Displaying your message in front of or inside your company allows for additional valorization of your business space or the number of people passing in front of the business space. Sometimes we invest millions in fairs or other advertisements, yet we fail to tell the customer or client about a new product or our business culture, which he considers important, in order to choose us over the competition.

The advantages of digital signage compared to traditional are immeasurable, but the main factors are: speed of change, cost of change, visibility of change which is over 10 times greater than traditional, independence from the human factor, the possibility of displaying images, videos, and other types of content.



Digital advertising has become indispensable in various sectors due to its advantages over traditional advertising methods (flyers, printed billboards). It has become crucial in: retail industry, advertising agencies, shopping malls, stores, banks, car dealerships, and so on.


Advertising through Digital Signage screens is a form of digital advertising where static, graphic, and video content is displayed to deliver targeted messages at specific locations, to a particular audience, at a specific time. This enables retail chains, sellers, advertising and PR companies to influence customer purchasing decisions, usually at the point of purchase.

Apart from commercial messages, Digital Signage can display news, weather forecasts, and sports information to further capture attention and relieve viewers from commercial content while delivering important information.

Creating a brand awareness campaign, especially in high-traffic public spaces, is an excellent way to reach a new audience. The more people see your campaign, the greater the brand awareness will be, leading to an increase in new clients.

Research has shown that people remember 65% of visually presented information even after three days, whereas they remember only 10-20% of printed or spoken information for up to three days.

Digital displays have 400% more views than static screens.

Digital signage increases the average purchase amount by 30%.


At the point when a customer decides between online and in-store shopping, it’s crucial to offer them new value that would lead them to choose in-store purchase. This should also further connect them to the brand and lifestyle, and add dynamics to the store through video material.

As printing costs rise and changing content becomes increasingly difficult due to human factors, digitizing the retail space becomes essential.


  • Long-term costs are lower compared to printing costs.
  • Quick campaign changes are possible, even within a day.
  • Creation of diverse content for special sales actions, e.g., Black Friday.

The role of Digital Signage is to tell the brand story and enhance the store’s ambiance.

Polet designs and manufactures LED screens for various purposes and positions in stores:

  • LED screens for cash registers.
  • LED screens on stands and within furniture.
  • Screens in mall windows (interior).
  • Screens in windows in busy pedestrian zones (exterior), and screens in mall windows (exterior).
  • Transparent screens in windows.
  • LED entrance portals and irregular screens.
  • Activation (Interactive) screens.



Display real-time information on traffic, weather conditions, and special announcements. The most common use of Digital Signage in the transportation industry is at airports, bus, train, and taxi stations, and cruise ships.


Boost sales by using Digital Signage to display advertisements in areas where passengers wait or pass by. Take advantage of Digital Signage screens on railway platforms, baggage claim areas, waiting halls, in buses, etc. As screens displaying travel information can also show ads, it’s guaranteed they will be seen. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity to sell advertising space on the screen to marketing agencies.


Digital directional signs are information boards, often with touch screens, displaying directions to specific shops, restrooms, emergency exits, etc. In the transport sector, they display updated departure times, platform or gate changes. They eliminate the need for staff to direct passengers around the building.


You can use Digital Signage for digital menus to display photos of your food and beverage offerings. It’s also an excellent way to showcase promotions and daily specials to entice customers to choose your restaurant/bar over competitors. Moreover, with digital menus, you can cut down many costs related to printing and regularly updating traditional menus.


Using Digital Signage to display relevant information in waiting areas is great, but sometimes the content should do more than just inform. Especially in waiting rooms, screen content should be entertaining, making the waiting time seem shorter for those waiting.


Digital Signage can also be used in emergencies, especially in crowded areas like transportation hubs. If an emergency arises, it’s crucial to ensure everyone knows how to react by displaying the right kind of information.

Financial institutions

Display real-time information linked to internal financial data sources, charts, and daily reports for financial institutions. Strategically located Digital Signage displays enhance your client’s experience by offering entertainment and making the wait more bearable. They also inform clients about new services and improve the overall perception of banks, insurance companies, leasing firms, and other financial institutions. Impress customers by elevating their experience with engaging content. Maximize profits through cross-selling and upselling. Increase brand and product awareness.

In recent research, over 60% of banks, insurance and leasing companies, and financial institutions already use Digital Signage to connect with clients while they wait for their turn.


Printing and regularly updating brochures and catalogs can consume much of your time that could be focused on clients. Digital Signage allows for the easy and quick updating of new products and services. This will drastically enhance the user experience as clients will be informed about your latest offerings, and you will have more time to focus on their needs and desires.


Financial institutions using Digital Signage have increased their brand awareness by 50%. Digital Signage enables you to create an atmosphere that instills confidence in your operations and makes clients trust your business more.


The Digital Signage system isn’t just for the customers and clients coming into your offices. You can also use it to motivate your employees with relevant information about weekly/monthly targets, daily reports, and HR information.


Enhance branding and make guests feel welcome by displaying special welcome messages for important clients, corporate visitors, and honored guests. Use digital signage in break rooms to entertain employees during breaks, on factory lines, in dining areas, etc.

In line with a successful communication strategy tailored to your corporate brand and style, you can motivate employees. Displaying information about human resources, employees of the month, sales statistics, and market successes can create enthusiasm and team energy.

Share important information such as new hires, company guidelines and updates, safety and health tips. Improve your team’s productivity by using dynamic presentations for monthly, quarterly, or annual goals, overall strategies, plans, reports, etc.

In the work environment, display real-time emergency messages for employees, visual reminders, and indications for hygiene and sanitary practices (hand washing, finding directions, safety zones, first aid, medical supplies, etc.).

Engage with clients in waiting rooms to inform them about your products, services, and showcase other information like news, weather forecasts, etc.


  • Increase productivity by 25% and help your teams achieve their goals.
  • Publicly recognizing employee performance can boost team effectiveness and motivation. Use digital signage to inspire others.
  • Reduce costs and preserve the environment.
  • You can reduce workplace injuries by 20% by displaying reminders about health and safety protocols.